Congratulations on visiting Total Injury Prevention Specialists (TIPS) and taking the responsible, pro-active step towards Injury Prevention (IP) in your workplace.

Let us join you in investing in your staff.

Injuries in the workplace are much more prevalent than people realise, with their resultant costs and staff issues frustrating managers Australia wide. In high risk industry, injuries to the musculoskeletal system can be as high as 62% and preventing them is ethical, easy and critically much more cost effective than being involved in post injury care and rehabilitation. From corporate sector through to heavy or high risk industry, workers are exposed to risks and are frequently unaware there is help available to assist them in remaining injury and pain free.

TIPS is here to do just that. Our business is the ongoing health, safety and well-being of your workers, each and every day. Their health is one of your major assets, and injury free workers are happy workers!

Our commitment is to you, and if yours is to your staff and you are interested in pro-active health care at your workplace, then you have come to the right place.

TIPS offers solutions to reduce injury risk.  Our aim is for problem solving based behavioural change, where workers are empowered to minimize their exposure to risk. With education, and training in Manual Handling and Office Workstation Ergonomics, they are taught simple straight forward strategies to manage their bodies throughout their day or shift.

There are many TIPS to assist individuals, small to medium businesses, and large national companies around Australia, in remaining healthy.

We would be extremely happy to assist you, your staff and business